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About Al-Muqtadir Jewellery

An eye for precision and excellence sets Dr Mohammed Manzoor apart from other businessmen. As an exemplary leader, Dr Mohammed Manzoor has steered clear of the pitfalls in the cut-throat jewellery sector. He has always been adept at turning issues into solutions and shortfalls into high turnovers.

From a textile business family, Dr Mohammed Manzoor was already familiar with the realm. But his knack for finding and introducing the best jewellery made him take up his first venture. And that’s how Al Muqtadir Gold and Diamond Jewellery came to be in Trivandrum. He wanted to show customers the tremendous possibilities of investing in gold. And how they could have a shimmering future by acquiring precious metals.

Shopping with Al Muqtadir Group is unforgettable by the exceptional quality of jewellery. From trendy and modern to traditional and authentic are available at Al Muqtadir Group. The dedication and hard work of the founder has led the group to become one of the top online wholesalers of Indian ethnic jewellery collections of fashionable and elegant gold ornaments. And trendy jewellery for kids, and gold coins and bars. Mohammed Manzoor makes sure to hold on to loyal and talented staff who have contributed to making his venture a renowned wholesale jewellery supplier in India.

“Giving the people what they want has always been my dream I travelled all of the worlds gold destinations and have found the purest and quality material just for you. I started this company in the view to make available great service to all our dear customer even at the comfort of the home (through our online store)  .100% purity is our word, you can rest assured you are in safe hands as all our jewellery are BIS Hallmarked.”

Dr Moahmmed Manzoor Abdul Salam

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Al-Muqtadir Group

New Headquarters for Al Muqtadir Jewellery

Indian jewellery is iconic and combines well with a person’s personality. And they come in various styles, designs, weights, sizes, and pricing points, making them a worthwhile asset. All the stores run by the Al Muqtadir Group have distinctive collections manufactured by hand, machine, or CNC laser cutting. The options are unlimited, and there are many creative models.

Latest Developments

Al Muqtadir Group is about to launch India’s largest gold and diamond manufacturing plant. And along with it, the construction of a new hallmarking unit soon. Talks on plans to sell gold and diamonds of the highest quality across Kerala are not far away either. Mr Mohammed Manzoor has envisioned all these milestone projects that go leaps and bounds. He promises to provide high-quality products at reasonable costs. And bring the most up-to-date and fashionable jewellery designs.